Continued Progress

The Heart of the Hazeltons continues to beat with strength as preparations for the Upper Skeena Recreation Centre continue. Different teams are working on different aspects of the multi-faceted facility, looking at the design and construction of the facility, the services and opportunities the project can deliver and the associated outcome regarding improvements to health, education and wellness in the Upper Skeena communities.

The Social Planning and Research Council of BC, in partnership with Brian Johnston, one of Canada’s foremost recreation consultants, has been engaged to develop a recreation plan for the Upper Skeena, in support of the many communities which will be a part of the Upper Skeena Recreation Centre. Now in the second phase of the recreation planning, the planning partners will be visiting the many communities of the Upper Skeena to hear from them of their needs and resources in recreation. The School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia is studying the Governance and Transportation requirements carefully and is developing ways to provide in-depth indicators that show measurable impacts the Upper Skeena Recreation Centre can make on the health and education of the surrounding communities.

The Owner’s Committee has agreed to proceed with the building’s detail design, which will help expedite the project; a construction manager-at-risk can now be sought out and tendering will occur as soon as possible. The detail design was developed by the architect, John Hemsworth of Hemsworth Architecture, who has recently been awarded the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture. To learn more, follow this link: Additionally, geotechnical readings performed recently have had positive results, indicating the proposed site has no hidden obstructions that could delay construction.

Lastly, work is continuing with the Federal and Provincial governments to finalize funding support for the facility. Meanwhile, the Heart of the Hazeltons team is maintaining contacts with many of the generous foundations, philanthropies and industries that are supporting the Upper Skeena Recreation Centre project.

Stay tuned for further project updates expected shortly!

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